Few things you should know about the origin of drink coasters

The drink coasters are the small plates that are used to rest up the glasses and drinks. They are very useful to give a base to your glass or cup that user will consume after some time. There are several users of the coasters such as they can be used for covering the top of the cup to avoid the dust and insects entering into it and also they are used to place the hot cups to avoid the surface from getting damaged by it.

Several companies use these coasters for advertising and making their brand accessible in the market. The custom beer coasters, custom tea coasters are various type of promotional items that are used by the clubs, bars, and cafes.

Origin of Coasters

The first coasters were designed for the wine bottle for keeping them on the dining table. The first coasters were made up of cardboard. A German company produced them. Firstly, saucers were used instead of these coaster plates.

Material used

The coaster is made up of various materials such as plastic, silicone, and cardboard. They are made of high-quality material that has several layers which protect it from hot conditions. The company can print their brand logos on both sides. The coasters are very affordable for companies to promote themselves and make a strong entity in the market. Some coaster has the quality of getting recycled after being used.


In this world, there is no individual present who can disagree with taking the free thing even it is a pen. The companies give away coaster as a freebie to their audience at various places such as hotels and resorts as the token of greet. The people get influenced and make the image of the company printed on it. This is considered an excellent point for consumers. The advantages and uses of that product can surely catch their attention toward the product and make the brand identity to them.